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Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education

Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education 



The Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) is an award-winning nationally recognized professional development program for people responsible for helping adults learn. Emphasis is on the translation of theory and knowledge into skilled practice. 
The certificate is jointly developed and delivered by the University of Victoria, University of Alberta, University of Saskatchewan, and University of Manitoba. In British Columbia, the certificate is offered through the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Education and Division of Continuing Studies. 

How Are Courses Delivered? 

The entire program may be taken by distance education, making learning accessible by part-time study, outside working hours. Participants come from British Columbia, the rest of Canada, and other parts of the world. Distance delivery includes print materials (usually a CACE manual and textbook, and occasionally a CD-ROM), enhanced with Web-conferencing activities and discussion facilitated by an instructor at an Internet website. 
Courses and workshops are also offered in the classroom (most frequently on weekends year round). During the summer, some courses are offered on an immersion basis during a one-week period of time, allowing students to fast-track their study. If desired, students could complete the entire program through classroom instruction. 
Most students take both distance and classroom courses as they progress through CACE. 
Library reference materials at UVic are available via Infoline, the distance library service. 

When Are Courses Offered? 

Distance courses are offered in each of the following terms: September to December, January to April, March to June. During July and August, selected distance courses are offered on campus in an immersion format, over a one-week period. Workshops for elective credit are offered year-round. 

Would I Qualify? 

You must be a high school graduate with a minimum of three years’ experience working in adult or continuing education. If you do not meet these requirements but have appropriate and equivalent education and work experience, you are also encouraged to apply. 
The certificate is designed for those already working in the profession rather than for those entering it. If you are unsure of whether or not you qualify, please contact the CACE office. 

Who Enrolls in CACE? 

Applicants may hold positions such as: program coordinators, facilitators, instructors, trainers, instructional designers, staff developers, human resource professionals, career practitioners, literacy and second language specialists, or similar occupations. Applicants typically work in a wide variety of public, private, and non-profit organizational settings: post-secondary institutions, crown corporations, government departments, law enforcement, the military, community-based organizations, health care, financial institutions, public schools, professional associations, and business and industry. 
What Would I Learn? Transferable skills, which would include: 
A practical understanding of the principles of adult education relevant to your own practice 
How to apply the most effective strategies in helping adults, and how to deliver adult learning experiences that address learner needs 
flexible learning 
Principles of adult education in the planning and development of programs/courses to meet organizational and learner needs 
How to systematically monitor and evaluate program effectiveness and how to use the data to improve programs, build capacity, and accountability 
How to integrate adult learning theory, knowledge of learners’ cultures, and other theoretical frameworks to create and man•age positive learning environments 
How to develop appropriate communication and interpersonal skills with a wide range of people and scenarios 

CACE Fees 

Course fees are $410 Cdn/course, plus materials and shipping; fees for 0.5 electives by distance are $295 Cdn/course, plus materials and shipping. (Fees are subject to change without notice.) Course fees are GST exempt. There is an additional fee of $40 Cdn/course for students residing outside Canada. Workshop fees vary. 

Course Structure 

The certificate consists of four compulsory courses, and a minimum of 4.0 electives (i.e., a combination of 0.5 and 1.0 elective courses and workshops which total 4.0 elective credit, taken by distance education or in the classroom). With a full range of topical electives, students can customize their program to suit their needs and interests. Courses must be completed within FIVE years of acceptance into the program but many students complete much earlier. 

Compulsory Courses 

Foundations of Adult Education 
Adult Learning and Development 
Facilitating Adult Learning 
Program Planning in Adult Education 

Elective Courses 

Advising and Counselling the Adult Learner 
Facilitating Adult Literacy Development and Basic Education in the Information Age 

Instructional Design in Adult Education 
International Dimensions of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning* 
International Perspectives in Participatory Research and Evaluation* 

Teaching English as an Additional Language 
Training and Development 
Organizational Change through Transformative Learning 
The list above represents CACE Consortium-developed courses, or those developed in collaboration with Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), marked  “*” above. Other distance courses (0.5 and 1.0 elective) are also available (subject to change) through University of Victoria: Appreciative Inquiry, Ethical Practice in Adult Education, Planning Program Evaluation, Power of Teams, Professional Productivity through Technology, Strategic Marketing in Adult Education, and Virtual Team Skills. 
CACE workshops for elective credit are offered year round in Victoria, and Vancouver. These are not listed above. Ask the CACE office for current schedules. 

Options and Transfers 


Can I enrol in individual courses without taking the full certificate program? 
Yes, provided space is available. If, at a later date, as a registered participant you wish to apply courses to the certificate, you may do so. 
Are courses transferable between institutions? Yes, you may take courses and workshops from all or any of the CACE programs at the Universities of Victoria, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba for transfer credit to your “home” institution. CACE courses are also accepted at University College of the Fraser Valley (B.A., Adult Education, and Bachelor of General Studies), Athabasca University 
(Certificate in Career Development), University of New Brunswick (B.Ed., Adult Education), and Vancouver Community College (Instructor Diploma Program, Adult Education Diploma). Other transfer agreements include TELUS Learning Services’ Professional Development Program, Human Resources and Skill Development Canada’s Counselling Modules, Justice Institute of B.C.’s Instructor Development Certificate Program, Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW), Canadian Forces’Training Development Officers’ Basic Qualification Course, and Performance Solutions International’s Master Training Program. 
Does CACE recognize previous learning? 
Yes, through prior learning assessment, transfer credit, and block credit. Ask the CACE office for details. 



Here’s What Our Learners Say About CACE 
“As a CACE graduate, I can say that the quality and commitment in CACE programming to create exciting and relevant course content and experiences has guided a great deal of my own practice.” 
“I was really impressed from my first inquiries about this certificate program right through to the end of this course. I felt well supported and clear in the expectations. Great job!” 
“A fantastic program with excellent instructors.” 
“I am now a graduate of CACE. I can truly say I do not regret one moment of the studies. It was the CACE program that proved most powerful when I applied to teach in a college continuing education department and then again when I applied to teach English as a second language overseas. CACE content has been great.” 
“I’m missing the courses already. Every course was unique and completely transferable to my daily work. I will highly recommend CACE to anyone in the field.” 
“CACE has been fantastic. I have learned so much; many of the classes have truly been transformative.” 
“I am still charged over my new ‘high education adventure’. This will last my life time for sure. It is just incredible how my life has changed since I began taking courses in the CACE program. The door I’ve currently opened is such a good opportunity…” 
“As a graduate, I truly believe I have a higher level of credibility among my peers and within my profession.” 
“CACE reminded me how much I enjoy learning, and I am loving every minute of it.” 
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