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Tense Buster helps learners improve their understanding of 29 key grammar areas from Some/any at Elementary level to Phrasal verbs at Advanced level (see left for a syllabus).
Each unit begins with a presentation based on a dialogue, newspaper article or radio broadcast, where learners are encouraged to form theories about how the grammar works.
Next come concept checking questions, and a grammar rule where learners confirm or correct their theories. Learners move on to practice and testing activities in which the language is contextualised and key aspects of form and function are highlighted.

Tense Buster has been officially adopted worldwide by the British Council and by Ministries of Education in many countries including Spain, Canada, Malaysia and the UAE. Schoolzone found "the activities [to be] interesting, varied and just the right length to sustain interest."

Key features:
A 'well thought-out, motivating and systematic' approach to grammar. IATEFL Newsletter
Activities include detailed feedback.
Extensive listening practice and vocabulary support.
Enjoyable, effective and very easy to use! British Council Network News
Integrates with Results Manager and Author Plus.
Ideal for classwork, homework and self access.
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